Electronic Cigarettes: How They Work – The Full Guide

e-cig+eliquidElectronic cigarettes are becoming one of the most popular ways to stop smoking and are extremely easy to use, re-fill and recharge.

Your eletronic cigarettes come with something called a cartomizer inside. This is what actually creates the vapour that you exhale when smoking this. This cartomizer is attached to something that heats it, then creates this vapour. But these cartomizers are usually filled with vapour e-liquid when you first purchase them. This is so you can have the taste as well as something to take your mind off of real cigarettes with the e cigarette.

These three elements are what the e-cig essentially is besides the battery. Without these four components, it would not work but is more cost efficient than constantly using real cigarettes. Your cigarette will have the coil to heat up with power from the battery so the vapour or mist can come through for you to inhale and exhale.

E cigs are so inexpensive because they do not require any expensive design or equipment. This will allow you to save money instead of buying normal cigarettes. You can save thousands of dollars a year by making the switch to e cigarettes.

How to Replace Liquid in Your Cartomizer:

1. First, you want to take off the cap to your e cig. You will then see a hole in the middle.
2. You want to pop this piece out.
3. When you have done this, you want to take your e-liquid that you have bought.
4. Now you want to take your e-liquid and pour about 20 drops in.
5. Then you want to let this sit and then put the cap back on.
6. Wait a few minutes for it to settle.
7. Now you want to thread this back into the tube.
8. You’re ready to smoke in a healthy and tasty way!

You can buy many e liquid flavours of vapour and some of these include:

• Chocolate chip cookie dough
• Cherry
• Blueberry Ice
• Raspberry Ice
• Vanilla
• Tobacco Flavoured

And many more types of e liquid flavours.

What Does the Electronic Cigarette Contain?

The eletronic cigarettes contains three major pieces: the coil, the cartomizer and the heating component. The coil sits between the heating component and the cartomizer. When the coil is heated, it allows the e-cig to take the liquid and turn this into vapour, sending it to you for you to inhale and exhale with pleasure.

Because of this method, there is no ash needed, the hanging cloud of smoke and no odor that comes along with such. There are flavours for these types of liquids, so you don’t have to suffer with a bland or a stale product.

How Does the Electronic Cigarette Recharge?

This product also has a battery to power this. Where you have to unscrew to replace your liquid in some cigarettes, this is where your battery will be. Your battery will be in the top end of the e-cigarette. You want to unscrew this and then take this battery and put this within your charger.

This charging can be done through an outlet or through a USB port with your computer if the cigarette allows so. This can be extremely cost efficient. You want to keep this on the charger for a few hours for days of usage. There will be a light on your battery when it is done charging. This light is usually green and is the “OK” signal for you to take it out and insert back into your electronic cigarettes.

When your battery is done charging, you simply want to screw back in and then use when you want! Being able to recharge an e cig with a battery will allow you to save tons of money. Instead of rolling cigarettes to save money, make the healthier choice and learn how to operate an e-cig on your own by following this guide.

With this guide and our products, we hope you have a successful smoking experience. We are a very reputable electronic cigarette company with many happy customers as well as very trusted because we will keep your personal ordering information 100% safe and are known for taking safety precautions as such.

Purchase The Best Electronic Cigarettes For The Ultimate Smoking Experience

ecigThe manufacturing process, the raw materials used, the reputation of the company… all of them put together make the ultimate electronic cigarettes that provide the ultimate in smoking experience. You should keep all these things in mind while purchasing an electronic cigarette from an online store. On countless occasions, specific manufacturers of e cigarettes put less than the specified amount of liquid in the cartridge of their digital cigarettes. Due to this, those cartridges do not last as long as they should. However, when you purchase an e cigarette from a reputable online shop, you can rest assured that it will provide you the number of puffs as specified in the manufacturer’s website.

While e cigs have yet to capture the market completely, their sales are increasing every year. It is due to this that new companies enter the market on a frequent basis, each of them claiming that the e cig manufactured by them is the best available in the market. This often leaves the smoker confused, regarding which brand is better than the others are. The best bet lies in purchasing the best e cigarette from a manufacturer that has been doing business successfully for several years. If necessary, read a number of trusted blogs that contains reviews of such products. Reading them will provide you with an insight about the company that is best known for manufacturing e-cigs.

A good company should provide cartridges in different flavours and nicotine strength. They should have a wide range of products available in different price ranges. We have been marketing and selling this product for many years. Therefore, we have the knowledge required to manufacture an e-cig that is trusted by millions of smokers. While several electronic cigarette UK companies have come up in the past few years, all of them pale in comparison to the quality of our products. If you wish to switch over to an e-cig, try those sold on our online portal and find the difference it makes to your smoking.

The United Kingdom Takes the E-Cig By Storm

The United Kingdom has taken the next hottest trend by storm: electronic cigarettes. One of the biggest electronic cigarette companies in the UK has been bought by a U.S cigarette creator because of the outstanding sales that the UK has done.


Thousands of e cig companies and retailers have made themselves known since 2008, but cancer researchers in the UK are also aimed at trying to research harmful effects of e cigs. While they have not been researched enough to regulate the replacement of the patch or other alternatives, they widely reduce the risk of lung cancer and other cancers related to smoking traditional cigarettes.

UK researchers have statistics stating that e cigarettes are much healthier and recommended switching from real cigarettes. While some e cigarettes contain nicotine, this is not what harms or kills cigarette smokers. The combinations of toxic chemicals within the traditional cigarettes are what put the toll on smokers.

How Does the E-cig Help You?

UK researchers say that the nicotine in the e cigarette allows you to stay addicted to that without craving a real cigarette. This is because you get your fix within the vapour that is included within the eletronic cigarettes.

Without the tobacco product in your electronic cigarette, you are able to reduce your chance of harmful second hand smoke as well as cancers. UK cancer research centers are also focused on evaluating the components of the electronic cigarettes in order to ensure that they are all safe and do not give off any effects themselves.

In order to get these correct statistics in their research, they need to gather data on how many people quit smoking using the e-cigs and how many don’t as well as ones who use both.

Since smoking cigarettes are not permitted within UK restaurants and public shopping places, the use of the popular e-cig will become handier to them as you can smoke these e cigarettes anywhere because it isn’t real smoke; it’s simply vapour that is poured in from a liquid.

Flavours available in the UK:

  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Raspberry
  • Cream
    And many others!

Since electronic cigarettes are becoming so popular, a US based company Lorillard has bought control over one of the biggest e-cig retailers in the UK. This will allow more UK e cig users to have more flavours as well as the variety that is offered within the US.

An outrage over a famous soccer player happened in the UK when one of their athletes were caught smoking a real cigarette. Many people including fans and news stations chimed in and recommended electronic cigs to him as it looks better for his image, for his health and is better for his fans.

With the UK being the next top region with the highest electronic cig sales, Lorillard is trying to create a “global push” for these by taking over this and combining with their company.

While UK researchers are a bit away from their enforcement date of the e cigs being used in medicine and as alternatives to the patch or gum, they are still much closer to regulating as the official enforcement rules will be starting in 2016 within the United Kingdom.

Researchers are trying to push for this because many people do not do well with the patch or gum and they may only work for some people. But whereas people want to quit but can’t find suitable options, the e cig is much safer and healthier as well as more effective. With their push to try and put this in with medicinal practices, this can be possibly covered and offered as a suitable alternative at the doctors when it is in effect in 2016.

At the end of the day, the pros to using this product are as listed:

  •  This product is odorless
  • This product contains no harmful chemicals
  • You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.
  • You can protect others around you from secondhand smoke.

This is an extremely easy way to regain your health and strength, as well as money. With this information, we hope you choose us as a reputable electronic cigarette provider and hope you join the UK and the rest of the world in this movement.